Great culinary adventures, travel and photography are the things Maryanne enjoys most in life. She travels frequently, having spent time in Europe, Asia, North and South America, and loves passing on tips and experiences to her readers.

On days that she's home, she relishes cooking and entertaining. Friends have dubbed her kitchen as "The Café Bonne Femme," a wonderful characterization of the warm atmosphere and great food it's famous for and often the setting of a story.

Maryanne is a freelance writer and researcher. Armed with a BA in Economics from the University of Notre Dame, she headed to Wall Street in 1978. "Those may have been sad days for the economy, but I learned a great deal about business and culture while working there," she reflects. In 1982 she moved to Michigan, where she's still based, to join her husband.

In the meantime, there have been a few twists in her career, one was spending ten years as a senior systems programmer and project manager in the mainframe technical support area. Maryanne was curious what life on "the other side of the septic tank" was like in 1993 when she left corporate America to start her own consulting business. That business, which began in the computer area, has evolved into publishing. Now, to her, a computer is just a tool again and she hasn't looked back.

Sabat & Jablonska & Co. was named after Maryanne's grandmothers: two wonderful ladies who always taught, shared and provided inspiration to those around them.

Maryanne is also a Principal at
Blue Lion Media, LLC, a firm specializing in public policy and research.