Book Reviews

"The Heart and Soul of Alice Waters", a review of Chez Panisse Vegetables by Alice Waters.

"The Magic of Paris", a review of A Food Lovers Guide to Paris by Patricia Wells.

"Bistro Fare with Pacific Northwest Eyes", a review of Caprial's Bistro Style Cuisine by Caprial Pence.

"Your Kitchen Can Be a Bistro Too", a review of Bistro Cooking by Patricia Wells.

"Coming to Terms with Foreign Menus", a review of World Food Spain from the Lonely Planet travel series.

Culinary Tips

"Christmas Cookies and a Sprinkling of Ingenuity" A Christmas Cookie Party with your friends is a great way to put a variety of home-bakes cookies on your holiday table.

"The Ulu: A Slice of Arctic Culture" An ancient Inuit cutting tool that adds a special dimension to the modern kitchen.

"Herbs: Culinary Magic" Fresh herbs are magic in your kitchen. You'll be pleasantly surprised by the difference they make in a dish.

"Twelve Gifts for Your Kitchen" Gift ideas for enhancing any kitchen. They're right for any time of the year.

"Perfect in Parchment" Learn about the French cooking technique "en papillote:" gently steamed food in its own juices, then elegantly presenting them at the table.

"Every Page Tells a Story" A cooking journal can organize your kitchen and help you re-live culinary triumphs.

"My Kitchen Aid: Faithful Bread Making Partner" Bread making is one of the greatest culinary satisfactions a home cook can experience. And, it's easy when you enlist your Kitchen Aid.

"Dutch Ovens Do Double Duty" Learn about a versatile, indispensable and age old kitchen tool.

"The Pantry: A Timeless Tradition" Stocking your kitchen with some basic ingredients makes it easy to prepare even ethnic cuisine.

"The Search for Cookware" Quality cookware is one of the best investments in your kitchen. Some thoughts about how to choose yours.

"Building Your Cookbook Collection" Suggestions on choosing a basic, easy-to-follow cookbook.

"A Cookbook Quest" Frugal tips on expanding your cookbook collection.

"Pour It On" Marinating creates tender, moist and tasty dishes. It couldn't be easier.

"Fire Up the Grill!" Grilling is a way to enjoy the outdoors, keep the heat of the kitchen and spend time with family and friends.

Food and Beverage

"Tomatoes: Summer's Going Away Present" A father-daughter project becomes a life long hobby.

"Sweet Season" Childhood memories of fresh fruit from the farm. Ideas about making fruit dishes today.

"A Lobster Meets You at the Door" Tips on buying, cooking and eating succulent maine lobsters.

"Using Your Noodle" Asian noodles explained. Find out the difference between rice sticks, soba, somen and more.

"Soup Up Your Summer Evenings" Eating outdoors is a great way to enojy summer. A ladle of cold soup is a refreshing way to kick off dinner.

"Quenching a Summer Thirst" Refreshing ways to wet your whistle and beat the summer heat.

Parties and Entertaining

"Invite Them to a Garden Party" Occasions like special anniversaries, birthdays, and wedding engagements lend themselves perfectly to outdoor parties. A little organization is all it takes.

Wandering the World

"A Class Act: Gourmet Dining in Maui" A visit to Maui Community College's Culinary Arts program and restaurant.

"Noodles of Every Persuasion" Oodles of Noodles, owned by James Beard award nominee Amy Ferguson-Ota, has carved an interesting niche in Hawaii dining.

"If It's Fall, The Midwest is Watching Football and Drinking Beer" A tour of the best places to drink craft beer in the Midwest.

"Travels with Maryanne - In Search of Local Food" Taking a trip? Find out how to bring the local cuisine to your kitchen.

"Celebrating Beer in Portland" Join the fun and get a taste of local and regional microbrew at the Oregon Brewer's Festival.