Maryanne Nasiatka is the author of two books and a regular columnist for several publications.


Michigan Breweries was published by Stackpole Books in September 2006. It's a guide to 66 Michigan breweries and brewpubs, with a history of brewing in the state and information about types of beer produced at each site, tours, food served, and nearby attractions. Readers can find updates on major changes such new brewery openings, closings, and location changes in a Web site dedicated to the book.

Point/Counterpoint: Private Property Rights was published by Chelsea House Publishers in June 2007. It deals with the pros and cons of property rights and the effects of the Supreme Court's controversial 2005 decision, Kelo vs. New London, which affirmed states' and cities' broad condemnation powers.

The Oxford University Press selected Maryanne as a contributor to their Encyclopedia of Food and Drink in America published in December 2004.

On the Web is the web's most comprehensive listing of beer tasting events throughout the world. The site includes features on festivals and beer drinking destinations. Maryanne and her husband, Paul Ruschmann, are the creators and authors. The site, which is growing in popularity, attracts more than 200,000 unique visitors and well over one and a half million "hits" per year.

Maryanne is a front page blogger at
Blogging for Michigan and Michigan Liberal, Michigan's largest and most respected Web sites for progressive politics, under the nom de blog "Cordelia Lear."

During the 2004 election campaign Maryanne blogged daily at the
Detroit News' political weblog. Excerpts of her work appeared weekly on the print edition's editorial page.


The Beer Travelers is a regular column at All About Beer magazine. It offers readers a virtual road trip to destinations around the world, which features her insights on info local beer, history, and culture.

Michigan Update, a bi-monthly column in Ale Street News, keeps microbrew aficionados up to date with the latest craft beer news in Michigan.